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What Baking Can Teach You About Finding A Job

By |2019-05-20T10:22:54+00:00October 30th, 2018|Advice, Life Tips, Work Life|

The time has finally come and tonight is the finale of The Great British Bake Off. We’ve sat through cake collapses, mushed meringues and the usual tears of joy and sadness, but just like the final contestants have been seeking their crown, finding the right job is surprisingly similar to their saccharine story. Don’t believe [...]

The Biggest Workplace Worries And How To Fix Them

By |2019-05-20T10:24:21+00:00October 29th, 2018|Advice, Life Tips, Work Life|

  Finding a job can be difficult enough and then settling in can seem nerve-wracking, but what about the issues you may encounter after? These worries and fears don’t get talked about as much as the rest so we’re here to offer advice and show you the biggest workplace worries and how to fix them! [...]

What Should You Do After An Interview?

By |2019-04-16T16:26:43+00:00October 23rd, 2018|Advice, Business, Life Tips, Work Life|

So you’ve found a job you’re interested in and made it past the application stage to the crucial interview point. You’ve hung up the phone or left the office and feel like you can now breathe a sigh of relief and wait for the interviewer to contact you again. If you’ve ever had this thought [...]

How To Start A New Job Successfully

By |2019-04-16T16:28:40+00:00October 16th, 2018|Advice, Business, Life Tips, Work Life|

Yesterday, we wrote about how to quit a job in the correct way and now that you’ve got that covered we’re exploring the other end of the scale with how to start a new job successfully. New jobs can be unnerving for some and overwhelming for others,  but we’ve got steps to help get you started. [...]

How To Quit Your Job In The Correct Way

By |2019-04-23T15:10:35+00:00October 15th, 2018|Advice, Business, Life Tips, Work Life|

‘So now the end is near, and so you’ll face the final curtain…’ That’s right, you’ve made the decision to leave your job and it’s time to break the news to your nearest, dearest and those colleagues you nod at every morning but aren’t entirely sure what their names are. How do you go about [...]

Should You Include Hobbies In Your CV?

By |2019-04-23T15:12:12+00:00October 9th, 2018|Advice, Business, Life Tips, Work Life|

You want your CV to showcase the very best of you and make you seem like an appealing candidate for the job. You carefully cultivate your career history, proofread to perfection but are stuck with one area. Should you include hobbies in your CV? Unfortunately there’s not a straight yes or no answer, but there [...]

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