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‘Anything you’d like to ask?’ The Top Questions You Should Be Asking At An Interview

You may think that in an interview it is the interviewer who holds all the cards, but it can be a two-way street when it comes to determining how suitable you are for the job and securing your chances of getting it. The interviewer wants to know about how qualified you are for the role, how prepared you are and how keen, but it’s up to you to learn about the company, the position and the working environment in more detail. Here are some of the top tips and questions you should be asking at interview to ensure you’re pursuing the role of your dreams and to impress the interviewer.


Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Don’t just rely on one question to show how interested you are in the job, you should go for at least two and up to four to maximise your chances to find out as much information as possible and to show that you are eager to learn. This also keeps you covered in case any of your prepared questions are answered throughout the course of the interview.

Before the interview draft up some topics you would like to know more about and when you create your questions keep them more open ended but still focused so that the interviewer isn’t left trying to answer a huge rambling question and avoid yes or no questions as these don’t give the interviewer anything to work with.

A day in the life

Asking ‘can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of the job’ may not have occurred to you but it can be one of the most important questions, especially if the job advertisement hasn’t already listed these. By asking this you will gain insight into the skills and strengths that are frequently required and learn if you fit these key criteria.

Rising on up

‘What are the typical career prospects for someone in this role?’ Don’t be worried about asking this if you think the interviewer will disapprove of you already looking ahead to further opportunities, this question shows you are hard-working, eager to grow as a potential employee and want to know more about how the company functions. This will benefit you as you will learn their usual processes and if there are any possible future steps that may interest you, but just be careful how you phrase it so you don’t sound grander than the role you are actually interviewing for!

All work and no play

If you know all the details and cold hard facts about the job and the company from a business perspective but don’t know anything about their principles, asking ‘how would you describe the company’s culture?’ is a good idea. While company culture doesn’t have a single definition, this will inform you of what the phrase means to who you may be working for and will let you know how the company views and treats their employees and what their core philosophies are e.g. do they encourage a positive working environment, are the opinions of employees valued etc.

What is the next step in the interview process?

This is a good question to round up the interview and shows that you are interested in the position and keen to continue with them. It also gives you a good indication of the timeline that any next stages will take place over and how to follow up with the company from there.


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