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The Top Technical Skills That Will Win You The Job

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It’s no secret that the job market is evolving and companies have to learn how to adapt in the digital age. For those seeking jobs, the amount of new technology to keep up with can seem overwhelming. Just when you’ve become proficient in one area, something new becomes the next big thing. Don’t worry too [...]

How To Turn A Job Problem Into A Positive

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Applying for a new job or being called to an interview can seem daunting, especially if there are tricky areas in your career history that you think will make a potential employer cast you to the ‘not interested’ heap before they’ve finished reading your CV. Not everyone has a perfect bill of health when it [...]

6 Top Skills That Employers Are Looking For In 2018

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When you are looking for a change of career it can be hard to know how exactly to advertise yourself to prospective employers and what qualities you should highlight to up your chances of securing an interview. Do you go down the standard ‘I’m a driven/motivated/focused individual’ route, focus on your qualifications or try to [...]