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Getting Over the Mid-Week Hump

It’s Wednesday, which means you have fought tirelessly to get through Monday, survived Tuesday and Friday is almost in sight. The mid-week hump is the point in a week where it seems like a mountain of work still lies ahead before you are rewarded with the weekend, and you want to wind down but you need a push to get through. Many find that their creativity, productivity and aspiration start to dwindle and begin to find themselves stuck in a slump. If you need to rejuvenate your motivation, here are tips on getting over the mid-week hump.


The saying ‘Tidy Space, Tidy Mind,’ can also apply to your work-space. If you are finding it difficult to concentrate and get one simple task done due to clutter, it’s probably time to tidy your area. Organising your desk will clear your mind and having less chaos around you will reduce how chaotic work may feel.

Shake it up, shake it up

Being stuck in the same routine is one way of completely killing any motivation you have to get any work done. Work tasks are repetitive, we all know that, but if you change your routine you will be able to approach them with a whole new life. Instead of sitting try standing, this has lots of benefits! Also try changing the order that you complete your tasks. Try doing reports first and then answer emails later. The smallest changes can make a big difference.

Prioritise to energise

Wednesday can feel stressful if you have lots of work to do before the week is out. It’s easy to go into panic mode if you think that you will not complete it all before then. The key to dealing with this is to remain calm and start to prioritise your workload. Write down everything you need to achieve with the most important tasks at the top. These can be things with immediate deadlines, or targets you want to tick off before the next week.

Seeing your priorities organised in this way can make you feel more focused if you realise that there are fewer essential tasks to do than you may have believed, and it also makes it easier for you to look back at the end of the week and see what you have accomplished.

Hey big spender!

It’s probably been a tough week so far so you deserve to treat yourself. Think of Wednesday as your treat day and as a chance to boost your spirits to help you power through until Friday evening. We’re not suggesting you book a round-the-world trip in your lunch hour, but try going out for lunch instead of eating the same salad or sandwich at your desk, or meet a friend for coffee.

Don’t deny yourself a reward of a piece of cake or the offer of a pizza at the end of the day. By making Wednesday your treat day, you will look forward to it more and it won’t seem like so much of a drag.

It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday…

It may not seem this way first thing on a Monday, but time will still pass and when you’ve made it to Wednesday you’re another step closer to the freedom of the weekend. To make the most of it, plan to do something during the weekend.

Remember that Wednesday is no different than any other day of the week if you are in the right mind-set. Of course getting over the mid-week hump has it’s challenges, but if you approach it head on and with the right attitude you’ll be able to see the rewards.


If you are still struggling to enjoy yourself at work and get through the week no matter what you try, it may be time to start looking for a new job. Check out all the opportunities we have, and find one where you’ll never dread the end of the weekend!

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