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How To Be A Work Superhero

In honour of Marvel creator Stan Lee we’re talking about Superheroes, but these aren’t the costumed crusaders you may be used to! These daily defenders are the type that help you out when you have a printer problem, use their conversational powers for good not evil and don’t leave you stranded to complete a group task by yourself. If you want to learn how to be a trusted teammate then read on for our tips on how to be a work superhero!


With great power comes great responsibility

Offices can often be rife with gossip and the hushed chats at the watercooler can do more damage than any freeze ray or magic staff, especially if you’re on the receiving end of the rumours. Instead of contributing to the problem one of the top ways how to be a work superhero is to not take part. If someone is talking badly about your boss don’t join in, you have to imagine the possibility of your boss finding out what you said and having a tarnished view of you going forward.


Show your super strength

If you have the time and resources available, take on extra projects or responsibilities if they are offered to you. However, don’t overwhelm yourself and don’t feel you have to accept if they don’t actually relate to your main job role. You should also make sure that all your main tasks are completed fully and well first and that you’re not just wanted to do the daily sandwich run, but if you think you have time and want to do it these extra tasks will show that you’re willing to go the extra mile.


Time traveller

Unlike comic-book characters we may not be blessed with the ability to freeze or meddle with time, but you can make the most of it by making sure you always arrive to work on time or early and don’t keep people waiting if you have external meetings or client visits. It’s better to have a little extra time to compose yourself and go through any information or supporting documents you need than to turn up flustered and unorganised. After all, what would happen if a superhero turned up late to save someone?


Iron(ing) Man

You don’t have to rock a costume to be a superhero so put away the cape and spandex, but you should dress sharply and make a good impression. If you turn up to work in your scruffs you’ll look like you can’t be bothered making an effort and if you ever get unexpected visitors or last minute meetings you won’t represent your company or yourself in the best way possible.


The Incredible Sulk

Treating your colleagues well and not just as people you ‘have’ to ‘tolerate’ will go a long way and show them that you’re more of a superhero than a supervillain who waits for their instant noodles while plotting their demise. Be polite, friendly and get involved if someone asks for your opinion or for your help, and if something doesn’t go right in your day, don’t hulk-out and make them scurry to the other side of the office.


Printer protector

You may only get a nasty bump if you’re bitten by a spider instead of superpowers, but if you want to know how to be a work superhero you should also know how things around your office work. Developing new skills is always a good idea as not only will it make your job easier and less stressful but you can add them to your CV and they may help in securing you future jobs.

Plus, if you’re able to help someone who is this close to giving the printer some Office Space style destruction, chances are they’ll be grateful and offer you their useful skills in the future.


Secret identity

Possibly the most important tip you can learn is to just be yourself. If you hide behind a superhero identity and never let those around you see the real you, you will come across as untrustworthy and aloof. In the best case scenario people might just think you’re a snob if you tell them about your suspiciously perfect life outside of work, arm-long list of qualifications or enviable skill sets, and at best you’ll be outed as sneaky and a liar when the truth inevitably comes out.


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