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How To Decipher Office Jargon

A new poll conducted by business communications company Fuze at London’s IP EXPO tradeshow has revealed the top ten most annoying pieces of office jargon and demonstrated just how confusing some can be. No one likes to receive mixed messages and although you may get the gist if someone asks you to ‘give 110%’ (voted number 1 in the poll,) you may be thrown by ‘Blue sky thinking’ (number 2,) ‘Square the circle’ (number 6,) or ‘Bleeding edge’ (number 9.) If you need a dictionary just to navigate daily office life don’t worry, we’re here to show you how to decipher office jargon.


Mr Blue Sky

Coming in at number 2 in the list of most annoying terms, ‘blue sky thinking’ is just another way of ‘thinking outside the box’ and suggests that you should try and think creatively. By reaching for the (blue) sky instead of staying grounded and limiting the ideas that you can have, you’re more likely to come up with new suggestions that could benefit the company, even if you may think that they’re a little far-fetched at first.


It’s hip to be square

If you want to know how to decipher office jargon you should also be aware of the common phrase ‘squaring the circle.’ Simply put, this phrase means trying to do something impossible, so if someone suggests that your idea is like ‘trying to square the circle’ you’ll now know what they’re talking about.


Blood, sweat and tears

Although it may sound like it, the ‘bleeding edge’ in business isn’t when you’ve reached the very end of your tether because you couldn’t do more unless you gave blood. This jargon actually refers to a product or service that very few people are currently using and often involves technology. It is considered more ‘extreme’ than the more well-known phrase ‘cutting-edge’ because this doesn’t go as far as to actually produce blood. Business really can be brutal.


Break the internet

If you ever suggest a meeting to discuss ideas or just want to arrange a catch up with a colleague about an upcoming project, you may get the response that they ‘don’t have enough bandwidth’ to do it. This is often a key phrase that comes up when people are wondering how to decipher office jargon. Although bandwidth refers to how much data can be transmitted, in the office it means that they just don’t have enough free time to take on another task or even engage in a conversation at that moment.


How low can you go

One of your colleagues gets given a task to do and they respond with ‘no problem, that’s low hanging fruit’ while you sit there wondering what the hell they’re on about. If you’ve heard this phrase and wondered about its origins then wonder no more. The term refers to something that is doable or within reach meaning it will be easy to do.


Idea shower

The simplicity and pointlessness of this one may make you want to drown your office members in a similar puddle, as an idea shower is simply the new way of asking for input and thoughts from lots of people.


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