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How To Prevent The Workday Overload

Getting through a day’s work has always been hard, but the rise in social media, supposedly ‘helpful’ technology and increased pressure on workers to be able to juggle tasks can lead to disaster. If you feel relief to reach lunchtime don’t stay overwhelmed any longer. Here are the top tips on how to prevent the workday overload.


Ditch the data

Frankly mind-boggling figures published in Forbes showed that every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is produced. Over the last two years alone, over 90% of the world’s data was generated. That’s a hell of a lot of data to be consumed, which makes sense when you think how many people feel the need to be constantly connected. Having constant access to a world of information at our fingertips can be useful, but can also massively distract us when we should be doing other things.

To make the first step in preventing your brain from over-heating, close applications or websites you don’t need. You can’t convince us that having a Wikipedia article open about Roswell conspiracy theories is helping to get jobs done.


You’ve got mail

A ‘helpful’ feature of some email applications is the notification you get that pops up when you get a new message. While this can be useful if you are desperately waiting for a reply, it can also be a source of distraction. Having this feature means you are likely to open the email straight away and put another task on hold while you reply.

To combat this, make set times during the day for responding to emails if you can and they are not urgent. This will free up the rest of your time as you know the emails will be done later.


Twitter twits

Salt-N-Pepa may have told you to push it real good, but Push Notifications, like emails, are a nuisance. Even if you’re closed an app, you can still feel your phone buzzing all day while your great aunt Ermintrude is discovering how to use Whatsapp or your friends are posting #ThrowbackThursdays on Instagram. Look at what notifications you actually need to receive and switch off the rest.


Minimise to maximise

Your desk may receive 1k likes for its ‘hang in there’ cat poster, miniature waterfall and array of cacti that would make the keenest horticulturalist hot under the collar, but it’s a sensory overload. Working in a space that is crowded and cluttered means you’re more likely to get distracted and feel like you can’t concentrate.

Instead, go for the minimalist look. Keep the bare essentials organised with a couple of small personal touches like a photo, bright desk organiser or planner. This will still give a sense of welcoming without looking like an art exhibition.


Be a social hermit

More companies are creating open-plan areas with tables dotted about more like a coffee shop than a communal work-space. This can be beneficial for some, especially social butterflies who feel like the standard office is akin to Solitary at Alcatraz, but a nightmare to others.

Being surrounded by talking, music playing or even people eating loudly can play havoc on your ability to concentrate. So what can you do? Use available conference rooms, potentially work from home or even talk to your manager about developing a quieter space.


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