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How To Stay Happy In Your Job

When you’ve been in the same job for a long time, it can be difficult to wake up with a smile ready to start the day. It’s rare that someone will stay as motivated on day 1500 as they were on day 1 and even if you’re thinking about changing and are already looking for a new job, you should try and make your current position as enjoyable as possible. No matter if it’s for the long-haul or the short, we’ve got the tips you need on how to stay happy in your job.


And the vision that was planted in my brain, still remains, within the sound of silence

The first method you need to know about how to stay happy in your job is don’t suffer in silence and deny you are unhappy. Acknowledge that you are in a job rut, this is the only way you can start to make a change and improve your situation. All jobs have their dull days, but recognising if you are simply no longer happy on a consistent basis is the first step.


I like to move it move it

Now that you’ve acknowledged there’s a problem, don’t just expect it to pass. You have to be proactive and make your move. Draw a list of the issues you face that make you dislike your job and see if you can make any changes. If you feel that you get distracted easily and don’t achieve what you want to do you can check out our guide on How To Tick Off Everything On Your To-Do List. If there are certain activities you find a chore and others you love, see if you can switch up your routine. Do the fun tasks first to give you a boost to get through the rest, or try saving them until later in the day as a motivator. Even thinking about what you can do, or making plans to look for a new job can have a positive effect.


So no one told you life was gonna be this way *claps*

Another way to stay happy in your job that you may not have thought of is simply by making new friends and mixing up who you interact with. If you spend your interactive periods at work talking to people who hate their role and find every day a bore this will transfer to you. Likewise, happier people who feel excited by their job will give you a boost. See if there are any new networking opportunities or work projects that you could be of use in and revive your connections.


Both sides of the story

Try looking at your job in a new way and evaluating its significance. If your role involves lots of small, seemingly dull tasks, try approaching it with the view that these are necessary evils and that they are helping you to gain skills. These skills can then be used to impress a future employer. If you have a job that can be draining, you may dislike it for the level of care and attention it requires, but remember that others are being helped by your efforts. A fresh perspective can make you realise that it’s not that bad and can give you a push to continue when it gets tough.

When one door closes another opens

While these tips on how to stay happy in your job may give you the energy boost you need to tackle a new problem or start a new work week with an improved sense of wellbeing, they may not be a permanent solution. You should never stay in a job where you are unhappy no matter what you do. Looking for a new job may be daunting, but being miserable from Monday to Friday is worse. Always be open to new opportunities, you never know where they will lead you.


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