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How to Tick Off Everything On Your To-Do List

It’s Monday, you’ve got your Garfield ‘I hate Mondays’ mug full of coffee to bring you back to life and you’re staring at everything you have to do this week with a sense of complete hopelessness. It can be so easy to have a moment of productivity and make a ‘to-do’ list, but sticking to it and completing the projects in a sensible order is something else entirely.

If you’re someone who makes a list and just can’t see it through pay attention because we’re going to show you how to tick off everything on your to-do list.


Multi-tasking madness

The first tip is to not overwhelm yourself by drawing up a huge list that seems impossible to tackle. Try to think about what you could realistically achieve in a day and within that identify two or three absolute top priorities.


Don’t stop me now

When you get started don’t be tempted to tick one off and then think ‘I’m already doing well so I can afford to take a little break’ or allow yourself to procrastinate. You can find websites and apps that will place a timed lock on your favourite sites or your phone so you don’t get chance to check out Buzzfeed’s weirdest quizzes – and trust us, there are some weird ones.


You’ve got a friend in me

Don’t just take on this challenge alone, if you’re pally with a co-worker who sits near you or knows how easily you can give up on being organised get them involved! Tell them what you want to achieve today and if they see you ‘prioritising’ other tasks like watering your desk plants or playing the Google ‘no internet connection game’ (it’s a T-rex that jumps over obstacles when you press the space bar, you can thank us later the next time your Wi-Fi freezes,) they can give you a nudge.


Another one bites the dust

One of the most important methods of how to tick off everything on your to-do list is by just taking on one thing at a time. If you set your mind and focus on a particular task you will find it easier to tackle more of your list throughout the day. Recognise that everything you wanted to do has its own time and you will get to the others in due course, but in order to get there you have to tick off something else first.


It’s the final countdown

It’s the end of the day and you’ve got 15 minutes left. This is valuable time and tempting though it may be to watch the seconds pass, you could and should achieve one last thing before you leave. Whether it’s organising your desk, answering a few more emails, scheduling a meeting or making tomorrow’s to-do list you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish against the clock!


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