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How To Work Well From Home

The weather outside is too hot to handle and you’re working from home where a fan is never far away, but how do you stop yourself from getting into a summer slump? Here are our top tips on how to work well from home.


Rise and Shine

You may associate working from home with sleeping until noon and checking your emails with daytime TV in the background but this is a bad attitude to take. It’s still a working day and should be treated as such so don’t over sleep and try to get into your usual productive mind-set early.


Pack away the pj’s

Comfortable though your onesie may be, wearing your most snug outfit all day won’t exactly inspire you to be uber-productive and will make you more likely to fall asleep on the sofa midway through a Skype meeting. You don’t have to put on a suit and tie, but by getting yourself ready you will feel more awake and in a more focused frame of mind.


Schedule – man’s best friend

Similarly to waking up bright and early, having a clear plan of what you want to achieve from today is one of the top ways how to work well from home. Being organised can help to keep your focused and stop you from needlessly killing time while you try and decide what to do next.


Clear the decks

While working from home does have many benefits and your bed may be calling, try and set up a dedicated work-space which is clear of clutter and makes you feel like you’re actually in the office instead of sprawled across the entire sofa with your slippers on.


Take a break

Try and take any regular work breaks or lunch at the same time you usually would to maintain a sense of consistency, this will remind you that it is still a work day and prevent you from saying ‘just five more minutes’ for an hour. Try to go outside and stretch your legs to get the blood pumping so you feel more energised for your next block of work.


Put down the phone

We’re not saying you have to do a Rose from Titanic and throw it in the ocean, but if you have your phone on and next to you all day chances are you’ll end up watching dog videos on Youtube when you should be doing something important. The same goes for your laptop, if you know the temptation to aimlessly browse is too much, try downloading some apps that will put certain websites or apps on a timed lock-down to keep the urge at bay.


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