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Making progress through your career journey can be full of ups and down and while for some there may be secret questions of ‘am I doing enough?’ ‘does everyone here like me?’ and ‘am I actually any good?’ others can feel over-confident in their capabilities and think they can just coast through. No matter which way you look at your job, no one is perfect and everyone could do with a top tip from time to time so we’re here to give you the best all-round job advice.


‘Why so…serious?’

The first piece of all-round job advice is to not take anything, including you’re job too seriously. This may sound surprising but let us explain – we mean that you shouldn’t lament over being in a job that’s not quite in the field you had your hopes and dreams set on or that you’re not getting to utilise all of your passions. The job market is changing and many people have more careers now than sticking to one job forever, instead they use those jobs essentially as stepping stones to get to the perfect one for them. See every job as an opportunity to learn something new, work hard and just enjoy it for what it is.


Dress for the job you want

Now we’re not saying turn up to work looking like you’re ready to fly to the moon, but even if you’re in your very first job and you’ve got a while to go before you make it big-time, dressing well, turning up early and just acting like a professional will make you feel like a professional. When you develop more confidence and give your work your best shot you may find new doors opening to you or just more senior staff taking an interest which may be useful further down the line.


You gotta think big to be big

If you have a brilliant idea that you think could solve a co-workers problem or benefit the company don’t keep it to yourself. Even if you feel like a small fish in a big pond you shouldn’t hesitate in raising a point in a meeting, contributing to a conversation or even requesting some one-on-one time with your boss to discuss how you could help. They will appreciate your ideas even if they don’t end up using them, and showing them that you care about company issues is always a good idea, they may end up asking you for more ideas in the future.


Love thy neighbour as thyself

Another key piece of all-round job advice is to simply get on well with people. This may seem like a challenge especially if there are some polar opposites to you in the office but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be sociable and form good relationships. By just smiling and checking in with people you show them that you’re not a Grinch who should be living far away at the top of Mount Crumpet but that you’re easy to get along with, and like the previous point, if you think you can help someone do. Chances are they’ll help you back when you need it or they’ll make a mental note of you being a good person going forward.


Never gonna give you you up, never gonna let you down

Lastly, don’t give up. It’s short and sweet but don’t let others tell you that you can’t achieve what you want to or that you’ll never make it. If you want something enough and you have enough passion to make it happen you can achieve the qualifications you want, get your dream job or work at the company you’d love to. Having faith in yourself to get something done when no one else seems to can give you the push you need and you may just be surprised by what you can do!


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