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The Reasons I’m A Celebrity Is Just Like Your Job

Last weekend saw the return of I’m A Celebrity (Get Me Out of Here – but who bothers with that part) and the trials and tribulations of a group of celebrities as they headed to Australia for three weeks of torment. You may have watched the show and delighted in their suffering or squirmed at the bug filled tasks, but what you may not have realised is just how relatable it is. Don’t believe us?  Here are the reasons I’m a celebrity is just like your job.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Although many may love to watch the camp-mates set upon each other when morale is running low and it’s day six of nothing but rice and beans, a core element of I’m A Celebrity is the importance of teamwork. Especially evident at the start, you have to learn how to work together to achieve results in your job, no matter how different you all may be. You learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work towards shared goals to ensure that everyone is as happy as possible. If not it’ll be frosty looks and empty stomachs for not so happy campers.


Day three in the Big Brother house…Oops wrong show

The celebrities may spend their days baking in the Australian sun or completing crazy challenges, but one of the top reasons I’m a Celebrity is just like your job is how long the days can really seem. Some days you almost wish someone would ask you to find stars while showers of bugs rained down on you just to give you something to do! If you find yourself going stir-crazy, take a walk around camp, or the office for a couple of minutes to stretch your legs, go grab a glass of water to refresh yourself and try to get out on your lunch-break instead of just eating at your desk as this will make the day seem even longer.


I’m sick of these mother-flipping snakes in this mother-flipping office!

Just like the jungle, there will always be a couple of crafty critters to keep your eyes out for. It may be someone sinking their fangs into new office gossip and spitting out venom to others, a social butterfly who loves to be in everyone’s business or a stick insect who just seems to blend in and not get anything done. Whatever the case it’s best to beat the bugs by avoiding drama and getting on with your own work.


Fresh meat

There’s nothing like a new camp-mate or staff member to mix things up and provide new conversation and the potential of personality clashes. It can be overwhelming walking into well-established groups that seem to think the newbies have been assigned secret missions to report back to the bush diary or manager, but this isn’t the case. Learn to welcome new people in and see them as a benefit to the current team rather than a hindrance.


The winner takes it all

Another one of the reasons why I’m A Celebrity is just like your job is the level of competition that can be present. This is obviously ramped up in the show as someone has to be crowned King or Queen but that doesn’t mean you should follow suit. A small amount of competitiveness is healthy, but causing tensions or arguments by climbing other overs to get to the top and leaving weaker ones to pick up the slack in the bushtucker trials of office life will only result in trouble. You’ll benefit the company and your environment more if people help each other out where they can and are genuinely nice. Remember, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, not that any of the camp-mates need any more bugs!


Think you can carry on camping in peace and are ready to be welcomed to the jungle? Don’t be up Croc Creek without a paddle, Connections will steer you in the right direction to a great job!

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