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The Top Things You Shouldn’t Say In An Interview

Interviews can be difficult to negotiate even when you’re feeling at your most confident and wondering how to portray yourself in the best way can be challenging. If the cat has your tongue and you don’t know what to say don’t worry! We’re here to tell you the top things you shouldn’t say in an interview.


I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date

Arriving to an interview late and starting off the proceedings by apologising for your lateness is generally a bad idea. Unless you were late because you were saving the earth from aliens or a T-Rex crushed your car, there aren’t many good excuses for not being punctual. If you do have a genuine emergency, let the company know at the earliest possible time, but don’t ever be casual and say ‘oh sorry I’m late’ without informing them just because you couldn’t get yourself out of bed.


Calm down Gordon Ramsey

People have different views about swearing: some think it’s harmless and others think it’s horrendous. If you think dropping an F-bomb in an interview is acceptable, you better be prepared for the fallout. Chances are your interviewer will not be impressed and will see it as highly unprofessional. If you swear frequently in conversation, remind yourself to think about what you will say next.  It’s better to pause before answering and take your time than casually say your qualifications are ‘f****** brilliant.’


The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate

One of the top things you shouldn’t say in an interview is anything derogatory about your former job or employer. Even if your previous boss was literally Satan and your role was to stab the world’s sinners with a pitchfork, don’t tell the interviewer that. You can always phrase it that you had to efficiently deal with a variety of customers and work in a challenging environment.

Interviewers want to hire someone positive and if you only have negative things to say they will be turned off. They will also wonder if you would talk about them the same way in future interviews if they gave you the job. As the interviewer doesn’t know you, it’s also hard to work out if you’re being truthful. The boss could have been a nightmare, or you could be a whiner that blames other people for their issues.


Unless You’re Alicia Silverstone, don’t be Clueless

Never turn up to an interview and ask what the company does or what your role would entail. Asking about basic information that you should have known before you arrived and can be solved with Google or re-reading the job-spec will make you seem unprepared. You want to impress the interviewer with your knowledge and show them that you have done your homework. If you have done your research, but there’s still an aspect of the job that you’d like more information about, then you can still ask.

Life’s a beach

Another of the top things you shouldn’t say in an interview is ‘what’s your holiday scheme like?’ Asking this will only show the interviewer that you are immediately thinking about taking a break before you’ve even begun. If you do want to know more information about this and it’s not outlined you can ask at a later date, for example if you get offered the job.


I recommended a book and they bought it. I’m basically an influencer now.

Of course interviewers want to know about the qualifications and experience you can bring to the table, but only if they are true. Don’t say you’re an expert in one field if you’re not. It can be more common now for younger people to call themselves, experts, gurus, influencers or any variation of this.

In reality, many things take years to master so unless you have the evidence to make such claims, don’t. Instead, say how passionate you are about an area and why you have studied or practised it for so long.


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