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What Do Millennials Want From A Job?

Millennials get a bad reputation and are seen as responsible for pretty much everything nowadays, with those born between 1980 and 1999 being told that their avocado toast habit is the reason they can’t afford a house (said by a millionaire by the way) and that they are even killing off golf.

They are also often deemed to be too sensitive, lazy and even entitled with a tendency to job-hop, but with so much student debt to pay off, a new survey contradicted this idea by showing that more than 53% stay in the same careers. If we don’t really know about the largest generation currently active in the workforce how can we expect to know what they look for when applying for a career. Here are five of the top factors Millennials want from a job.


Flexible as a contortionist

While more Millennials may be staying in the same career fields, this doesn’t mean that they don’t value flexibility. This could be found in starting work later or leaving earlier on a Friday, how many days they can work from home each week or where they get to work. Either way, Millennials are moving away from the standard 9-5 office cubicle job in favour of something that works with their life rather than having a life that revolves around their job.


Darlin’ darlin’ stand by me…

You may wonder if Millennials can have their cake and eat it too wanting both flexibility and stability, but just because you want a job that lets you work from home this doesn’t mean you don’t want a reliable job and a steady income to help gradually fill the savings piggy bank. This also applies to the social aspects that a job can bring, as Russell Hobby, CEO of education charity Teach First says: ‘Although they are a bit more mobile than previous generations, what they are really searching for is greater meaning in their work – and a role that will bring them the satisfaction and the social impact that they are looking for.’


All work and no play – no way

Workplace culture doesn’t have an official definition, but generally speaking it signifies the particular ethos of a business and its morals as well as the value it places on employees and the environment they work in, making it a bit of a catch-all term. Surprisingly, this work-hard, play-hard factor is so important that this generation would rather take a $7,600 pay cut when picking a job if the culture was right, while the morals of a company, e.g. if they support progressive social causes are also an important factor in what Millennials want from a job. If they also happen to have a few Playstation’s dotted about the office to play during lunch then this also wouldn’t hurt a company’s chances.


Imagine all the people…

Millennials are widely known as a generation that love to travel and explore the world, so it’s not surprising that they value companies with a good policy on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This is also increased by the fact that more than any other generation, they consider themselves to be uncommitted to religion, politically independent and more accepting of a wide range of beliefs and ideas.


Talk development to me

Millennials may get criticised for needing more guidance in the workplace than previous generations, but wanting a higher level of feedback to ensure that they are doing a good job and pleasing their managers isn’t a bad thing and is a better alternative than rushing into a task without any knowledge like a bull in a china shop. This isn’t about sweet words though, another factor is wanting to grow as an employee and feel like a job is offering them room for development, as when it comes to being a millennial, the idea of being in a job that doesn’t let them grow may make them hulk out.


Are you a millennial and think this list ticked your boxes and want to find a job just like that? Maybe you run a business and think you need to up your game. Either way Connections can help!

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